Those Aren’t Real Facts – By Phoenix Calida

Black ppl: wtf? This white cop slammed this black girl around for no reason. Police brutality is a serious problem.

White ppl: well… we don’t have all the facts. Maybe she provoked him.

Brown Muslims: wtf?? Everytime I go outside someone thinks I have a bomb and calls cops on me.

White ppl: well…. but we didn’t see it, so we don’t know the context. Maybe you looked suspicious.

Brown Latinos: I always get pulled over because cops think I don’t have papers

White ppl: well… we didn’t we have the dash cam footage, so we can’t verify the cops thought process

Native ppl: police use lethal force against us all the time, we don’t like being murdered in the streets.

white ppl: well… maybe you looked savag— er threatening.

Poc- omg did you see the footage of this entire event, the personnel folder of the cop who’s been disciplined for this 3 times before, been fired from a department for this, bragged about it on twitter and has racist shit all over his fb wall?

white ppl- those aren’t real facts.


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