Excuse me, but I Speak Jive…

Hive Mind: Reflections of Culpability and Change

So, I am an AVID cookbook purchaser. I really like cookbooks. I have over 150 of them. And I have food issues/health issues that cause me to usually have to prepare my own food. Restaurants can be dangerous. Oh, and Plus: I’m a vegetarian. So, that adds to it all. So, most of my cookbooks are vegan or vegetarian and free of my allergens and such.

The point? Well, so, I also love to swear. Fuck is probably my favoritest word ever! A few years back a food blog, called Thug Kitchen, a vegan cooking blog, started providing amazing recipes and swearing like it was all written for me personally.

Now, I never considered this word, “Thug”. I hadn’t unpacked a lot of things which are now strewn about my entire living room. The clutter astounds me! Sorting it is well…uncomfortable. And so it goes.

So then! They publish a…

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