Happy Ass Muthafuckin’ Columbus day! – By Phoenix Calida

Happy Columbus day!

No, really, I mean it. I know Columbus stole land, was a shit navigator, sold children as sex slaves, allowed soldiers to rape and murder women, torture men to death, and began what resulted in centuries of genocide against the native peoples of the Americas.

But Columbus still has a holiday. It’s the American way. we still celebrate Washington, Jefferson, and the founding fathers. We celebrate slave owners and murderers, liars, and rapists. We celebrate men for being leaders among us when all they did was have the “courage” to stand on the corpses of others to gain the best vantage point. It’s just what we do.

I don’t support Columbus, but at least we’re being honest about the fact white america loves to celebrate the murder, rape, and dehumanization of p.o.c.
as awful as this is, this is one of the few times a year white america will be blatant about their hatred of other races.

This isn’t a subtle rewriting of textbooks, this isn’t rewriting history, it’s not subversive racism that the casual observer can’t find.

It’s blatant. It’s in your face. It’s undeniable. Columbus sold children as sex slaves. Columbus murdered natives. Columbus enslaved natives. And he has a holiday because that’s how america really feels about p.o.c. embrace the fact that this one of the few days a year you won’t have to guess which white person thinks you deserve to be slaughtered. You won’t have to guess who views you as subhuman. You won’t have to look at a crowd of people and wonder which ones think your children deserve to be raped.

Just look and see who’s celebrating. Check out who is at Who is at the parade. look and see Who is proud of Columbus.

Today is one of the few days a year they openly tell on themselves. Embrace that and avoid who you need to avoid. Tomorrow they’ll go back to being subtle and you’ll have to guess. But today, they’re out. So enjoy Columbus day and the slight amount of increased safety that happens when bigots announce their bigotry and are easier to avoid.


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