Dear Black Men. Stop Thinking Like White Men – By Pheonix Calida.

When black men say “I prefer white women because they’re more graceful, more feminine more peaceful”

I can only laugh.

White women probably are more graceful.

Because they don’t live a life where they worry on a daily basis about their child becoming the next Trayvon or Tamir or Aiyana.
White women don’t worry about being the next Sandra Bland
White women don’t worry about the men in their lives being the next John Crawford.
White women don’t have to be hard ass soldiers in the street marching for their murdered children. White women don’t have to fight to end both racism and misogyny.

Black women work on agility, not gentleness because we have to be ready to run, ready to survive.

White women have time be lady like because they live in a world beyond blood sweat and tears.

Nobody will ever stop hurting, or raping, or beating a black woman if she has nice hair and pretty voice and soft hands.

A negress is a negress. And she will always be treated like one.

This world loves to put the weight of the world on us, but then have the nerve to complain that our shoulders are too broad.

If being able to survive under white supremacy makes me too masculine or undesirable, so be it. Just remember, when your mixed (but still black) child with a woman catches a nigga wake up call, it’ll be white people, not us who will ask if your child had a little too much negro in their system.

It won’t be white people in the streets marching, it won’t be white people making hashtags.
But they dress up like your dead child for Halloween for laughs.

I wonder if a white woman can dress up in blackface and still look feminine?


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