Save the body, not the boobs. – By Phoenix Calida

I don’t want to have to use sexuality or reinforce the idea the most important thing about me is sexualized body parts to justify deserving medical care. gende r neutral forms of cancer aren’t seen as sexy, they’re seen as horrific. You don’t have to prove lungs and livers are sexy when campaigning for research funding.

cancers associated with men are serious.Testicular cancer is a disease, not a sexual innuendo.

But I have to worry about saving my tatas? As fantastic as tits are, I’m more than a pair of boobs. I’m a person. Women are people. and we deserve to have medical conditions that primarily affect women to be taken seriously. We have more value than our breasts.

My body can survive without boobs, but my boobs can’t survive without my body. Maybe we should be more worried about saving human bodies, not just their boobs?


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