Irony is Not Lost, but it is Confused

Hive Mind: Reflections of Culpability and Change

CW: discussion of suicide and lack of resources for POC

I was in a parenting group last night. I’m trying to get through these last years with a challenging kid. The topic being discussed was how to handle violence or when kids are a danger to self and when it’s appropriate to call the police for help. One parent mentions reluctance to call the police because of the danger of having your kid killed… I am nodding my head vigorously.

Now earlier, the suicide rate had been brought up and I interjected with that kids in the LGBTQI community have a far higher prevalence, especially trans-kids. The group facilitator agreed and also added that it was even still greatly higher for people of color in that same community. Me: nodding vigorously again.

So, back to being worried about calling in the cops. So, the facilitator says something about that being…

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