Sit the Fuck Down

Hive Mind: Reflections of Culpability and Change

We all say racist phrases from time to time and often without even realising this. Sometimes a progressive and forward thinking person hears it come from their mouth and is shocked at the revelation. And it takes work to get there and then to unpack being able to change it. These things are taught and embedded.

Case in point: Last year I said the words, “The natives are getting restless.” I was referring to children.

The moment following the last word leaving my lips I froze. I actually covered my mouth and then said (to a colleague) oh my god, that was so racist. They inquired and I explained what I had said. They agreed with me and I put a lot of thought into how to prevent this phrase in the future.

We don’t realise they are there. We really don’t. And mistakes will be made. It’s uncomfortable and…

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