Get Off Of Matt Damon’s Lawn…

…Or you might step in his shit.
Dear Matt Damon Fans:
Society, culture and intellectual capacity have rushed passed him while he wasn’t paying attention.
It is now time for him to descend into that “Get Off My Lawn Stage” of his life and it’s showing in his public voice and comments.
We’ve seen this happen before with guys like Joe Rogan who at the age of 48, is whining about “SJW’s” like a 19 year old MRA in a feminist page’s comment section.
With guys like Bob Cesca, who was on the left until he found out that those darn black ladies on twitter would dare say words about things. Now he considers himself “center-left”.
We see this with Nicole Sandler, who decided, she will longer say or support #BlackLivesMatter because they “attacked Bernie” and mocked White Liberals that kept saying he “marched with King”.
Bill Mahar has been there since I was a teen and he was complaining about the “pussification” of ‘Murica.
Patton Oswalt just landed there with his bizarre, pseudo-intellectual, neo-hipster twitter rant about how it’s not possible for “jokes” to be “offensive”.
There are plenty more any many areas of the public eye and some will go down this path. Some will not.
Matt is headed right there.
He already has his housecoat and omnipresent newspaper.
It’s happening.
He’s going there.
He’s not coming back.
But Halloween (blackface day) is coming up.
Let’s egg his house.

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