Dear White Feminists – Part 1 – Before You Go Gaga Over This Lady….

Let’s not forget her lucrative contribution to rape culture and rape apologia.

She shared her fame and spotlight with the man who popularized the idea of raping and urinating on little black girls and making the video go viral with people who were not called pedophiles for watching it.

Let’s also not forget… the influence of rape culture in the title… “Do what you want with my body”.

AND…. The directer had  R-Kelly (R is for rapist) say in the beginning of the music video when he was playing the role of a surgeon.

“I’m putting you under, and when you wake up, you’re going to be pregnant.”

And of course this video with the famous rapist of little black girls on video was directed by none other than Terry (Rapist) Richardson himself. Known for raping models during photo shoots.

I understand that under ideological whiteness, what happened yesterday, never happened.

This common with modern ‘Murican conservatism.
So we at Social Dissonance are here to remind you that she is no friend to rape victims, particularly not little black girls.
She’s just another capitalist coming in for her check. 
lady gaga rape

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