Dear Daily Kos: Fuck Respectability Politics.

So this is your headline.
“The picture NYPD used to arrest James Blake was of respected Australian designer Sean Satha”
I don’t give a shiggity shit that he was “respected”.
…or a designer
…or that he’s Australian, which suggests that he’s not one of those asshole “American Blacks”.
I give a shit that police are brutalizing black people on sight.
Whether or not you’re a nice person on paper or in practice doesn’t matter because it’s the institution of policing that’s the problem.
Not the people being policed.
It doesn’t make us safer because he’s a designer.
I wouldn’t care if he was a mean ass person either.
He could be the co-worker that doesn’t sing happy birthday and won’t sign the x-mas card.
He could be the person in the neighborhood that hands out nothing but smarties and candy corn for Halloween.
It doesn’t matter who or how we are.
The police are the problem, and they need the spotlight.
Not some dude who’s picture was lazily snagged from instagram.

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