Black power that looks like white power – By Phoenix Calida.

Black men be like:

Ok, I have a fantastic idea. Let’s get rid of white supremacy. Like fuck eurocentrism beauty standards and social classes and ways of living. Lets take over the plantation!

So here’s the plan-

Women- Embrace your natural beauty. Unless you a dark skinned or nappy woman. You can’t relax your hair, cause that’s white ish, but idk, just stay out of my sight.
Get back in the cotton fields.

Then we need light girls with good hair to be respectable wives, like upper class white housewives are, but like… not white. So basically stay working in the plantation kitchen, and be sexually available at all times, like how you lived before all this
They have to be submissive to husbands, and accept that God intended the man to lead the home. But like not in a Christian way. In an African way. Totally different.

Then we need to earn money and be wealthy, but maintain permanent poverty classes because bootstraps. Not in a euro capitalist based way, but in a black power way.

And don’t fuck with the queers. They’re unnatural, not part of the *real* community. We should talk about them and treat the same way white republicans do. But, different obviously, because we’re black.

So after we kick white men out of the plantation house, after we tell white women they aren’t pretty, after we fight for our right to earn money…
It will be a perfect utopia.

So I’ll move into the plantation house, own the plantation, have a pretty light skinned wife who acts like a white woman with a tan, and then dark skinned black women, thots, angry black women, black women with attitude, the unrespectable, the poor, and gays can work the field. Just like they were before when the white man owned the plantation. Basically nothing will change for the poor, the non respectable, the women, the lgtbqia community, but it’s ok, because I’m a king and had my own personal Revolution that only benefitted me and cis, hetero, black men like me.

Black power!


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