MarKim Luther King – Grab your popcorn and watch the Kim Davis show fizzle out.


It’s a bigot!!!
It’s a plane!!!
It’s the new Right Wing, temporary hero!!!!

Kim Davis

She’s here to get her mu’fuckin’ Jee Zuss on up in the joint.

And yet again, the Right chooses another temporary hero, who will boost ratings, increase clicks, rally the troops and then become another embarrassment that they mumble away and pretend didn’t exist.

They jumped behind Joe the plumber until they found out that his name isn’t actually Joe, and he really doesn’t know shit about policy, allocation of resources and WASN’T EVEN A GODDAMNED PLUMBER!!!!!!!!!

They stood by their guy, George Zimmerman because stalking and murdering black teenagers is awesome.

Then it comes out that he’s assaulted cops (the strong arm of the social hierarchy)
Next they find out that he’s a bizarre woman beater…. wait… why bizarre???
Because during one of his domestic punchcapades, he took a moment to pull out his knife and stab an ipad.


Then he has the shot gun out pointing it at the woman’s father who’s in the truck because responsible gun owner.
Not to mention his speeding in Texas and shit like that.

Another woman who had reason to stand her ground on him… well. He pushed her out of the house and called the cops on her so his manipulative ass could get his bullshit side of the story on record.

Cliven (Negro Lovin’) Bundy.

This guy… This fuckin’ guy.
How much can we actually say about him???
He comes from a long line of neo confederate, wannabe individualists who has a thing or three to say about the negro.
In making the most honest case for White Saviorism ever, he argued why the negro should still be slaves because they would actually be doing something with their lives.
…ya know
Instead of being all not slaves n’ stuff.
Because when they’re not slaves n’ stuff, then the way we impose systemic poverty upon them, makes them not look good on their porch all day.

Kim Davis (MarKim Luther King) (Martyr Luther King)

How do I know that Kim Davis will be the next drop in a bucket of shame?
Her behavior shows that she’s belligerent in asserting her sense of privilege and she even passed it down to her daughter.

She doesn’t earn.
She just followed in the footsteps of nepotism.
Her excuse for a political career shows that she’s not a thinker, she’s not a planner.

And most important…
She’s inarticulate.
She displayed this on the video with Mike Hucksterbee (the Sin-O-Minn salesman)

Her moment to say that ridiculous thing that will be in the soundboards of broadcasters for ever.

That thing, that will be memed, hashtagged and clickbaited from reddit, to tumblr, to buzzfeed and beyond.

That thing that will make into Obama’s closing joke at his final Nerd Prom.

It’s coming sooner than later, and the right wing will back to amplifying false boogymen until their next hero arrives, so they can be embarrassed again.

-William J Jackson-
Uppity Negro


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