I care about you.

I know I can be pretty cold and focused.
I know some folks have expressed their feelings to/with me.
I know damn well that over 90 percent of the time, I respond poorly and make you feel uncomfortable.

Some folks have actually “unfrended” me; Not because they were mad at me, but because I’m so bad at responding to emotion, that they think I’m mad at them.

So I’ll say this moving forward…

No matter how bad I do at responding to how you feel, I care about yo’ muthafuckin’ ass.
All y’all ass.

I care about you, you, you and you…
Oh, and you. I’ll burn this muthafucka down for you.

Yo. You hungry???
I have nutritious food to share.

You thirsty???
I got that ice water, nigga!… juice n’ shit.

You cold???
Extra blankets are in the hall closet.

As I said before. I want folks eating something good, breathing clean air, having access to clean water and to not be denied the right provided by nature to exist as you are without harming others.

If we must mass produce something, I want the people to own the means of production because the people are the ones producing and using the product.

If one of us is weak, tired or ill, 10 of us can use our strength to make sure our fellow human doesn’t suffer.

If there is a dangerous, harmful person among us, I push for the pragmatic act of removing that person and healing those affected.

With my intersecting privileges, such a world would only benefit me so much, but for you, for your/our children. For those not conceived or even born yet, that is the world I argue for.

Because I care about yo’ muthafuckin’ ass.
No matter how bad I am at making sure you know that.



-mean old black man-


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