How to waste food for thought.

Dear Internet:
It’s 2015 and I give up. obvious troll
I won’t fight you on this anymore.
You can’t help it.

You have food for thought. You have lots of it and you like to share.
Therefore, you are going to feed the trolls.
You are going to feed them right out of your hand and leave a little doggy bowl outside the front door at night.

You are going to send them home with a tupperware container and not even ask for it back.

You will bake, fry, boil, broil, microwave, slice dice, season and serve.

They will always complain about the food while chomping down every last bite of it.

Then… They will report your kitchen to the mods and admins.

And you will still feed them, because it is an impulse you can’t control.


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