White Progressives VS The Black Voting Block – We’re not in your circle

I’m listening to the audio from the last Saturday’s #Bernghazi event.

Ya know.bernie

There’s an ongoing joke about sipping white tears and/or male tears.

This joke is in reference to the fragility of the privileged when they are told “no”. When their opinion is not treated as the law.
They aren’t actually crying, but their response to not being treated as supreme for even just a moment is worthy of such mockery.

For the VERY FEW of us who actually heard the audio from the event, and actually listened to the WHOLE interview with both young black women who took the stage, we know how hyper aggressive and PHYSICALLY VIOLENT these WHITE PROGRESSIVES were.


At one point, one the women on stage was actually crying while trying to say her life matters to a group of white progressives that think hearing what they’ve already heard and already agree with matters more.

When they see her actual tears and hear her voice break and crack through sobbing, the response of White Progressives (TM) was to suggest that she be tased.

Ya know…
By cops…
Who she is trying to talk about being murdered by.

And then folks who are politically center-left point and call that the far left’s “Circular Firing Squad”
This is even said by Nicole Sandler who could be considered on the “far left”.

It’s not a Circular Firing Squad because black people are not in your circle.

Right now, we have 3 parallel lines.

Black people are in the middle with police shooting at us from one side and White Progressives (TM) telling us to complain about the bullets politely and some other time.

At this point, no presidential candidate has earned my vote and if you’re black, I suggest that for White Progressives to stand against us, we go to the primaries and use our power as a voting block to take their precious Bernie away from them.

And leave them with Hilary as the lesser of two evils.

And then in the general election, vote on everything but president and let the White Progressives win without us, since we have to dodge bullets without them.

What they don’t understand is that another republican in office is nothing.

We have 5 consecutive centuries under White Supremacy.

We can handle it.

White Progressives still have a year to make sure their favorite candidate earns our vote, or they can continue to suggest we be tased… because progressive.

-Uppity Negro-


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