Hive Mind

Hive Mind: Reflections of Culpability and Change

I was thinking about the amazing ability of animals to communicate seemingly without language. Birds in swooping and coordinated flocking motions, bees in a hive, ants in elaborate tunnels underground. This is really a tiny sampling. Even plants and fungi and quite probably organisms from the other kingdoms of life.

And yet, humans are convinced we are so far removed from the culpability of the experience of others in the group. I hear all the time how random white person shouldn’t be held accountable for slavery. “I wasn’t there.” “I didn’t do it.” “It was a long time ago…” ad nauseum… And the same assertations are repeated to erase responsibility for modern issues.

No one wants to be responsible for the woes of black people, brown people, and other marginalised groups in The United States and elsewhere. But we are all responsible. No one is not part of the group…

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