Mike Malloy vs Black Lives.

Now of course there has always been smaller media watching larger media and if need be, applying some critique and comment to it.

One thing I personally do along with a few others is I watch independent media as well.

I’ve stated what I think about some stuff put out there by libertarians, republicans, liberals, black liberals, separatists etc.

When it comes to white liberal show hosts and Bernie Sanders​, black lives can wait.

Not only that they can wait, but they should wait.
They should shut the fuck up and wait because… student loan debt n’ stuff.

Of course Nicole Sandler of “Radio or Not” has never been to fond of the blacks talking out of turn. Plus, she thinks we give our kids “funny names”.

It was also a give in that Peter B Collins would prefer that these loud mouth negro ladies take it down a notch and respect the Sanders. Not surprising, coming from the guy who considers everything wrong with Detroit to be the fault of bad black politics.

Usually, The David Pakman Show​ will stay neutral, but old Dave took a hard stance as well and he also thinks they need to step off.

Bob Cesca of The Daily Banter​ is “offended” (sic) that Elon James White would dare joke about black people dressing up as lions and course, he along with his co-host Chez… Chez, who would prefer for independent and social media to no longer exist because black women on twitter are mean.
Well, they also would like very much for the holy anointed Bernie to be left alone and black people can wait until we “get back to your thing”.

That’s really how Bob Cesca described what is happening to us at the hands of #GoodCops.

It’s just our… “thing”.

The one who takes the gold medal though…

Mike Malloy​

He’s 73.
He’s an old school political activist and broadcaster.
He describes himself as a member of the “radical left”.


He wasn’t just against the black women speaking out.
He wasn’t just against them interrupting the infallible Pope Bernadict.

He described how he would have put his hands on this young woman and assaulted her if he was there.

He accused her of being a false flag planted there by the republicans to throw Bernie off.

He accused her of being a paid disrupter by the Hilary campaign.

He accused her of being a christian facist and talked about how she shouldn’t be because of blacks getting their asses beat with bibles.

It was weird.
It was hilarious.
It was creepy.

It was also an official statement from a leading liberal voice.

Black Lives can matter later… because
Student loan debt n’ stuff.


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