Michael Brown – A Year Later – #AllTheFacts

So in the days following the murder of Michael Brown by Darren (D-Killa) Wilson, I created a small facebook series that I hash tagged as #allthefacts.

Let’s go back over those today. Each one will have a link to it so you can go to them and share them in your networks for Michael Brown.

#AllTheFacts 1 – Jennings

This post will serve as Fact #1.

Darren (Killa D) Wilson’s first cop gig was in Jennings Missouri with a police force that was so corrupt and had such trouble with the roughly 45 person force (mostly white) to the community of around 14,000 (mostly black) that the whole force was shut down.

#Storeghazi is the cigar non-scandal of which many folks are inadvertently using to communicate publicly that cigars are worth more than black life.

But…. There’s a cute little bit of fact in this whole thing.

Fact #2
Darren (Killa D) Wilson was not aware of Storeghazi when he approached Michael Brown.

Neither the clerk nor the store owner called the cops about cigars.
A customer is said to have called the cops.  Furthermore; that 911 audio has not yet been released.
Can we say… “Freedom Of Information Act”.

Darren (Killa D) Wilson is 6’4 with a fluctuating 220lbs build. 

Yet he claims that Mike Brown, also 6,4 and dancing around 290 was like Hulk Hogan and our dear sweet, Killa D was like a 5 year old in his clutches

big mike

The fatal shots were fired after Mike (Demon Hogan) Brown didn’t have Daren (5 year old) Wilson in his clutches anymore were a measured 135-148 feet away.

This might be do to the demonic powers of spitting fire long range at innocent blonde christians with malicious intent. *sarcasm*

#allthefacts Fact #5

This one represents the value of the human being in the context of white supremacy.

His Body was left in the August heat for 4 hours and then put in the back of an SUV because… well, not good enough for an ambulance. https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=590660397728920&set=vb.100003548962017&type=2&theater&notif_t=video_processed

#allthefacts Fact #6

Yea sooo uummm….

The general public is expected to believe that Killa-D is a 28 year old man with ZERO internet presence.


His name was held and hidden and then released the same day as the #Storeghazi video.

Now allow me to put on my Occams Razor hat and repeat what has already been said by other folks who are much smarter and and informed than myself.

I think they held his name while going through all of his online activity and deleting everything they could find.

Let’s be realistic.
Sites and pages like Stormfront, The White Voice and many other right ring, blatently supremacist pages exist and imagine what it would have done if he could be found in those discussions before Bob could defend Killa-D to his grand jury.

#allthefacts Fact #7

Thanks to Angela

“Don’t forget it took over an hour to call the medical examiner who took no photos because his camera battery was dead. Nor did he take any measurements because his attitude was we all can see the victim was killed by gunfire.

As much as I detest the Officer at least one of his co workers used a brain and took photos. Without those we would be left with nothing.”

#allthefacts Fact #8

Thanks to Giselle.

Wilson Originally refused medical treatment.

Ya know… Because that’s what you do after the Demon Ebony Hulk Smashes your face with his Hoganistic, hypernegroidal super strength.

#allthefacts Fact #9

No items “stolen” from any store were presented to the grand jury.

You’re going to constantly and consistently come across folks who think that Brown was asking for those bullets when he decided to be a thieving thugitarian.

Setting aside that these folks think tobacco products are worth more than black life…. 

…respond to them with this fact, because if it was worth getting killed for, then it ought to have been presented in the court. 

#allthefacts Fact #10 (and 10.5)

Tetrahydrocannabinol, in high doses is a depressant.

Ya see… Much like a part of the narrative on defending Zimmerman was that he had to protect himself from a skittle wielding negro hopped up on hefty servings of the Devil’s rose.

So… We’re adults, and we’ve been around for a while.
It’s not some secret that cigars are commonly cut open to remove the tobacco and re-roll the paper with sinful crumblings from Lucifer’s demon flower.

This is done so that the marijuana can be ‘toked’ in high doses.

So if anything, Michael Brown’s use of this intoxicant had an overall calming effect.

Let’s tag on an extra fact, 10.5

This is a side fact because there isn’t much use for it, but Wilson tested high for creatine.

Hold up… Isn’t that something that folks who exercise a lot use???

So Mr Fitness still felt like a 5 year old facing the teenage Hulkinator???





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