Racing to Class – Which Road Are You On – By Pheonix Calida & William J Jackson

Race and Class are not synonymous, but they are parallel.

Folks that check out the podcasts have heard us say this before.

Let’s tinker around with that a bit for this weekend’s blogpost.

The roads of Race and Class are two separate streets headed in the same direction.  At the end of the line is personal comfort, group tranquility and justice.  The Class road moves much faster than the Race road with it’s own set of lanes that allow some to travel with even more speed than others.  The same goes for the race road with cis/heteronormative men in the fastest lane.

In one case or another, one will be born on or can transition from the Race road to the Class road.  This doesn’t mean they don’t still drive with the Race State license plate and tags.  Maybe even a bumper sticker that makes them more noticeable than others.

A major problem that we have on the Race road is those that have their eye on the Class road and will put the rest of us in danger with incredibly reckless driving in desperation to get in the class road.

Some do and get their lane change ‘wake up call’, if you will.

They get on that Class road and tell the other drivers that there’s some inequality with how potholes are taken care of between the roads and maybe that should be addressed and taken care of.


They don’t want to hear that and they will run you off their road.

Maybe you’ll point out that the Class road has more lanes and they’re wider.


Now you have to get run off the road again.

Over time, you’ll realize that there some things that you can not say and some things are supposed to say to be allowed to stay on the Class road.

One thing you must do is always blame the drivers on the Race road for the condition of the road they drive on.

It doesn’t matter that they didn’t build the road or budget the construciton.
That they don’t own the road.
That they haven’t been authorized to repair or improve the road.
Or even that they didn’t choose the road as a way to travel through life.

If we are collectively willing to play fair, as men of color we can get the wheels of justice rolling for those further marginalized than us.

We need signs to warn folks of obstacles.  We need guardrails to keep folks from going off the edge. Street lights to increase visibility.  We need shoulders and rest stops for our elderly and tired folks.

As long as we only have lanes that are built to accommodate cis and or male drivers, it keeps the path unjust and we have the power to fix it.

So let’s jump start the battery of justice and justice and make sure everyone has tires with traction.

That’s how we roll.

Phoenix & William
—The Social Justice Couple—


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