Stop giving the confederate wolf a free costume. – By William J Jackson

When I was first attacked in 1988, there was no confederate flag.
Just white male teenagers that wanted to harm a black person.

The next few times, there was still not flag.

Shortly before I was 12 years old, I was attacked again but there were police uniforms and badges.
No flag.

When I got shot at on 23rd and MLK, it was a police badge again.
No flag.

When a guy tried to bash me with a hammer, he had on casual clothes.
No badge no flag.

So yea… go ahead and take the little flags off of state houses and whatnot, but I want all the outlets to keep selling confederate flags to white dudes who want them.

It’s tough enough swimming through a sea of random dudes and not knowing which one is the killer.

When these guys chose to rock the flag, at least that gives me a chance to know exactly who they are before they get to close.

Don’t take that away from me because you don’t want to see it.

You’re giving the wolf a really nice sheep costume and you don’t even know it.

William J Jackson – Uppity Negro


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