White Girl Privilege And The Problem With Blaming All Men

Thought Catalog


One of the most persistent criticisms lobbed at feminism — both in its current form and its previous incarnations — is a lack of acknowledgment and understanding for the different axes along which women and men are oppressed. In everything from the Slutwalk to the commentary of prominent feminists, we find fairly universal complaints of a general lack of intersectionality. The observation has been rightfully made, time and time again, that when talking about the issues we face as “women,” the distinction must be made that the experience of any two women is going to be vastly different. Though there are some things we face universally, the other axes of privilege — race, class, education, and ability, for starters — are going to radically change what kind of experience a given woman has in life.

Speaking strictly in an American context, it is undeniable that a good majority…

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