Black Women (No, not the white kind) – By Phoenix Calida

There’s more words and thoughts, but summary…

Black men judge black women for not doing enough. Never Giving enough, even when black women are being raped, bleeding, and dying at the hands of black men, But still saying black lives matter and marching.

Black women give their blood to the community and it isn’t enough1209348_10200909842283076_1346604743_n

Black women give their tears and it isn’t enough

Black women give their love and it isn’t enough

Black women give their lives and it isn’t enough

Black women raise children alone when black men go to prison because of police corruption.

Black women raise children in single mother households when black men are killed by cops, but don’t expect men to march when black women are killed.

Black women raise black orphans Because cops and jealous ex lovers murdered the mothers Of those orphans, but black men say black women Provoke the violence.

Black women work and own businesses to bring money to the community, But stay shamed for being an economic drag by being welfare queens

Black women try to raise the value of the community by pursuing education, But get called bourgie going to school outside the hood.

Black women learn to be strong by being tough enough to handle sexual assault at the hands of black men and white men, And know they’ll be told they were “asking for it”

Black women learn to take beatings from men leaders in our community and police Because there’s nobody who cares if black women find justice.

Black women embody survival in a world without allies.

Yet black men fall over themsleves to defend a white woman who “does more” for the community than real black women.
A white woman who gives lectures and teaches classes.

Black men would dare say a white woman in blackface giving lectures is true work, but a black woman being victimized but still showing up to hold it down at a rally for all black lives isn’t real work.Thomas jefferson is a rapist.

When black women don’t get a “real” education or job, they are ratchet hoes who don’t have high enough standards. They ruin the black community by having low standards and not respecting themsleves. When black women succeed and get an education and good job, she’s called too dominant and too aggressive and tears down the community by emasculating the black man.

Black women give the black community everything. Blood, sweat, tears, strength, hope, desire…
But you really believe a white woman in blackface giving a speech is the real work.

White women giving speeches. Not black women at rallies. Not black women fighting the system. Not black women running shelters, food drives, teaching in classrooms, handing out school supplies, raising their children, changing the world.

No. A white woman being paid to talk about her fake blackness is the real work.

Black men- Can you just admit you hate black women already?

By Phoenix Calida


3 thoughts on “Black Women (No, not the white kind) – By Phoenix Calida

  1. I can’t speek for any other black male but myself. I love my black queens. Sisters, friends and lovers. Strength and understanding. Only being on this planet that goes through more than the black male. I wouldn’t be where i am today if not for the strength and sacrifices of a black woman. Everyday i saw strength, i saw determination, i saw faith, i saw drive. I learned to pray and to
    trust and believe GOD CAN. All from a black
    woman. The black male (my father) was non
    existent. To have a woman that understands
    your plight is its own reward. To have one that
    can go through even more than we (black
    males) can handle and still hold it
    together,encourage you through your trials and look so good doing it. Gotta love em!!!!!

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  2. That’s only one side of the narrative though. Nobody, not even black men, downs black women who are behaving properly and raising their children well, and contributing to society and acting like a good person. The problem is that that isn’t a representation of most black women. And it’s not just about what you DO. It’s about how you act. How you treat other people. Did you open a business to help the community, and then go to a restaurant and treat your server badly? People can see things like that. Did you finish college and get an education but still act stank and trashy in public like you have no formal training? Did you promote blackness and speak against white racism, only to marginalize and exploit women in Sri Lanka and India who believe in Western beauty ideals but still shave their heads for pennies so a black woman can wear a weave? Did you promote black strength but then turn around and side-eye and tut at a non-black woman with a black man? Black women seem to think that the way to be a good person is to be educated and strong, rather than kind, compassionate, sweet and caring. You victimize yourselves and ignore that most of your struggles are shared by other people of color and many humans in general. You create a narrative that says, “Look! Look at me! I’m getting hurt! See how they hurt me?!” instead of just picking yourselves up and moving on already. You can’t be “strong” and in perpetual victim mode at the same time. Just treat other people better and the way society views black women will improve. Begging black men to change isn’t going to help.


    1. Who the hell are you talking about?!

      Do you even know any black women? The only thing you’re describing are a bunch of stereotypes, which are ALSO only ‘one side of the narrative’.

      There are TONS of black women who don’t behave in anyway that you just described. Try again.

      And even if they DID that STILL doesn’t give people the right to discount their lives!!

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