How Rachel Dolezal has helped black people – By Phoenix Calida

But rachel is helping the black community.


1 she took scholarship money designated for actual black ppl.
Are black ppl as a whole granted so much access to higher education that we can afford to give up spots and scholarships at black universities?

2 she taught african studies. as a white person. She looked in at black culture as an outsider, not as an actual black person living the culture. White ppl assuming they are experts on black culture is exactly how colonialism happened- for the good of the negro of course. This is a continuation of the infantilizaion of black bodies. We’re too stupid or incompetent to beexperts on our own history, so we need our culture to be analyzed and taught by the superior white race, right?

3. She took a job that could have and probably should have gone to a poc, especially a black woman. Does taking a job from black women seem “helpful” to black community?rachel be like

4. Why does a white woman automatically get credit for helping the community, when nobody gives credit to black women who made ‪#‎blacklivesmatter‬, black women who have been protesting and planning for over a year in #blacklivesmatter marches?
Does ignoring actual black women but fawning over a white woman with a tan help the community?

5. What has the naacp done lately for the black community?real niggas 5
If rachel is so fucking down, why haven’t I heard her name till now?
Did she go to ferguson? Baltimore? Nyc?
Did she organize a March for rekia?
A protest for aiyana?
Did she bring light to the black trans women being murdered?
Has she made steps to abolish the school to prison pipeline?
Did she start a gofundme for bail money for Baltimore protesters?
School supply drive to kids in the hood?
Food drive for a housing project?
Scholarship advice for poor kids?

I haven’t heard of her doing these things. So when ppl defend her because she was “helping” the black community–

Tell me exactly how she helped, who she helped, and when the help came.

Or are you gonna keep defending a woman who lied about her identity And race to cash in on social and monetary benefits?

Funny ya’ll working so hard to defend a white woman who lied to get government money.
If she was black, the same people would shame her for being a welfare queen; lying to steal money from hard working, tax paying Americans.

If she was a real black woman, she’d have been criticized for not doing enough boots on the ground work, but she’s a white woman so she gets to be a hero to the community?

If she had dark skin and nappy hair, would her office work be so “helpful” to the black community? So why are we defending a white woman in blackface who is benefiting from white privilege and shitting on us?

Black ppl, why are we defending and praising the white mediocrity of a white woman in blackface when actual black women hold it down every day?

Phoenix Calida – Uppity Negress


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