The mocking of human distress: Hackney Council’s new “Public Space Protection Orders”.


Homeless people are under the oppressive condition however the government can’t just sacrifice them but it can punish them. That is, Hackney Council’s new “Public Space Protection Orders” proposal pretended to give police and council officers the power to ban “anti-social” activities such as sleeping rough or begging. Those who breached an order could be issued with a £100 fixed penalty notice or a fine of £1,000. It is an utter imposition of the local council’s power over those under severe oppression and distress. Their suffering belongs to the state under a game over the right of its marginalised group being transformed into citizens merely for punishment and humiliation. The Public Space Protection Orders is a penalty over one’s condition suffering – it is a fine over the disempowered for being disempowered. This act allows power to fragment the homeless into sub-humans punishable for the state of utter misery. Thus…

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