Epic Log Homes Critique – By Phoenix Calida

Ok I know ‪#‎notall‬ white ppl/rich ppl/westerners

But what the fuck?

Watching some show about luxury living and why this dude build a 16,000 square foot log cabin because he wanted a big house?
Custom hand painted walls in bathrooms, $25,000 stone fireplace. It’s in Arizona so all the pine trees it’s built out of were imported…

The house is so big it sits on 3 lots, 6 car garage, 3 kitchens,10 bathrooms, 8 bedrooms….
Cost 7 million to make

And 2 old white ppl live there.



How many homeless ppl could live there?

Literally what kind of arrogant self absorbed asshole are that you and your spouse need 16,000 feet of house???
Why do you need 10 bathrooms???? Do you have a need to use a different bathroom every day of the week? You need to use that much electric and gas to heat and cool this fucking house that has 27 rooms unused at a time??

I want to slap him across the face. With a sledgehammer.
2 Fucking ppl living in a house thats big enough to easily house 8 families.

by Phoenix Calida – Uppity Negress


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