All Called Out – By Phoenix Calida

Call outs are pretty damn useless.

1. Nobody is perfect, everyone will exhibit problematic behavior at some point. Either you forgive or you don’t. But before you drag them, make sure your edges are perfect. People throwing stones from glass houses and such. If you find another person that intolerable, just unfriend and be done already. Stop dragging folks for the sake of drama. We’re better than this middle school shit.

Phoenix call out2. We’ve reached a point where we just complain or rant instead of looking to correct behavior.
Blood in the water to publicly shame and ostracize a person.
This isn’t Europe in 1510. You’re not the pope, there’s salvation outside the church, stop trying to excommunicate people. It’s harmful, it’s pointless, it’s arrogant. Knock it off.

3. “I hate “x” because they said something once that was ableist” =/= a call out. It’s complaining.  And you always have a right to complain, discuss, or dislike a person, but don’t twist it to pretend you’re doing a social justice call out.  It’s a personal beef.

If you want to rant, make it known that you’re ranting.

If you want results, do better.

“X” said “y” I find that ableist because “z” and I would appreciate an apology and an effort to do better.

If you don’t want results don’t pretend you’re in it for a call out. That’s disingenuous as fuck.  Knock it off.

we have actual problems and oppression. I don’t know about ya’ll but I have limited resources and energy and I can’t afford to squander them on drama.

If a person is truly harmful and problematic, that’s a whole other thing, but fuck these petty, egotistical beefs that pop up every month.

-Phoenix Calida-  -Uppity Negress-


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