Uppity Negro

Defining it as I use it.
Uppity Negro. black angel child

We don’t apologize for disagreeing.
We don’t apologize for being correct.
We don’t say “I’m sorry but…”. We just say all the words that would come after “but”.

We’re not rude.
We’re assertive.
We’re not “Smart Asses”.
We’re smart, asses.

We don’t laugh if the joke isn’t funny.  We don’t dance if the music isn’t funky.

Uppity Negro men don’t need to validate themselves by attempting to be an authority over black women.
Uppity Negro women don’t tolerate intra-racial misogyny from black men.
Uppity Cis Negros don’t erase the existence of TPOC.

Between September 1988 and July 1993, I had hands on, in house advanced uppity negro lessons.
She would listen to my “gansgsta” rap tapes with me and explain what they were talking about and tell me what she though.
We’d watch R rated films together and she would explain the class, race, gender and even the sexual politics with me.
Even after parent teacher conferences and cub scout meetings, she would tell me the nuances and details that she noticed when we got in the car.

She had me sit and watch George Carlin tapes, which was helpful in making me laugh while causing me to challenge my own budding ideologies and ideas.
From what I’ve heard about her through her sister she was very Uppity negro in college in the 70’s.
From being her son, I know she was an Uppity Negro in the 80’s.
I watched her fight and die an Uppity Negro in the 90’s.

Her was Charlotte Sharron Alston Washington and she was my biological mother.

September 17th, 1958 – October 15, 1993.


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