Jehrodd Williams – Why isn’t the right wing singing his praises????


The State Attorney’s Office will not file any charges againstthe man who shot and killed Dakota Fields in January at the Waffle House restaurant on Palm Beach Boulevard.

Jehrardd Williams, 28, was the shooter at the Waffle House, but the reports released this week indicate Williams feared for his life when he fired three shots at Fields.

Fields and several friends were in the restaurant early in the morning on Jan. 5 after drinking the night before. The report says the group was loud and seemingly intoxicated when an argument started.

A man that was with Fields shook hands with another patron at the restaurant, but when he reached out to shake hands with Williams, Williams did not shake his hand.

In response, video surveillance shows Fields’ friend punched Williams in the head.

After that, the video shows Fields appearing from outside the restaurant in the doorway. Williams retrieved a gun from his holster in his jeans and put it behind his back. Fields lunged at Williams, and Williams fired three shots at Fields – hitting him in the torso.

Fields and his friends ran out of the restaurant and got into an SUV. The SUV crashed just six miles away near downtown Fort Myers. Fields died of a gunshot wound to the torso.

Williams stayed at the restaurant and called 911, waiting for deputies to arrive.

Williams has a permit to carry the weapon.


One thought on “Jehrodd Williams – Why isn’t the right wing singing his praises????

  1. Why aren’t they? Likely because he’s Black. I wanna note that even in a state without a “Stand Your Ground” law Williams shouldn’t & likely wouldn’t have been charged because he was in no position to retreat. The men were in front of the exit so he had no reasonable place to go & had already been punched. So why do states even have this horrible law? Because it’s Florida that’s why.

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