It should burn.

“But they’re burning down their *own* neighborhoods!”

Wsocial dissonance 1ho the fuck are you and where the fuck is your head?

They aren’t *our* neighborhoods.

They come in and tear down projects and kick us out to put up new condos when they please. They close Stores in “our neighborhoods” to avoid paying taxes and Company losses and don’t give a fuck about our unemployment. We aren’t safe in “our neighborhoods” because cops bust in and kill us whenever they please. We’re denied basic services because “our neighborhoods” aren’t a budget priority.

They don’t put quality schools in “our neighborhoods” because we’re not worth the investment. “Our neighborhoods” are nothing more than places created to keep us Corralled and keep us from entering mainstream society.

The fuck you talking about “our neighborhoods”?

The system has gone to great lengths to make sure we never own shit. We can’t even afford to buy homes, we can’t afford the peace and safety to make a community, but ya’ll talking about… “why they burning down “their neighborhood???”

Fuck you.

Nobody is burning down the “neighborhood”
They’re burning down the plantation. And that’s the real reason people are pissed.

-Phoenix Calida-

Uppity Negress


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