White Atheists Want To Silence Phoenix Calida For This.

This is the original post that they got her banned for. 

Woo Hoo!
You’re an atheist!

Congratulations. Nobody gives a fuck.
Atheism doesn’t automatically make you morally superior to anyone, so take a seat. Misogyny, racism, classism, and bigotry can (and do) exist in atheist circles. Stop patting yourselves on the back for being morally superior and more rational than religious people if you refuse to deconstruct oppressive systems religion put in place.

Stop regurgitating facts about religion. I fucking know about nazis, the crusades, slavery, the inquisition, the kkk, and the Westboro church. I also know about eugenics, racism among suffragettes, what certain NObel prize winners think of black people, how people manipulate Evo psych to promote misogyny and how causally rape threats get sent to women.

You wanna impress me? Call out bigotry in your own circles. Stop complaining about the immorality of plantation slavery if you won’t say shit abotu the prison system. Stop telling me about “the bible oppresses women” while you simultaneously let your friends tell domestic violence jokes and stay silent when rape threats are used to silence women online.

Stop telling me the Koran is backwards and regressive when you don’t like immigrants from middle Eastern countries because you think “muslims are terrorists”. Don’t talk about how nice you are for supporting same sex marriage if you also support a static gender binary. Stop acting like not believing in god makes you a great person when you choose to shamelessly benefit from the social hierarchy religion has left you.
Just Stop.
Go do something productive.
Instead of mocking people of faith, go end systemic oppression.


She got back from the ban and typed up this new post. 

Dear White Atheist DudeBros With Hurt Feelings:

Sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up.
I don’t care about you, your feelings, or your punk ass tears.
Don’t like what I have to say?
Fucking block me.

I’ve yet to shut up just because white men told me to do so, and I am not starting now. You wanna act like offended conservative Christian men whining about the “war on Christmas” and having to be nice to gays?
Ima treat you just like the white male Christians who think racism and sexism is a punchline. I have no issue treating you like the bitots you are. White men hate push back and hate when people have voices and autonomy. They hate when people don’t agree with them. Well, I don’t agree with oppressive, white, hierarchies, no matter if they are run by atheists or Christians.

I’m loud as fuck and y’all brought this on your damn selves. So run and report this status too, cause the angry loud uppity negress yelled at you. Remind us how you need to keep women in their place, blacks in their place, and concepts like “freedom of speech” only exist to allow your racism and misogyny. And when I get back from this block, I’ll post again.
And again.
And again.
Fuck y’all punk ass gueros.


And they got her banned again… because science, dawkins, debates n’ stuff.


4 thoughts on “White Atheists Want To Silence Phoenix Calida For This.

  1. They got her banned again………..

    I need liberal atheists to explain to me how atheism is better for women.

    Seriously. I want them to explain this shit to me.


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