If The Revolution Comes Knocking

Fallen Matthew Most of you folks griping about “white feminism” and how ain’t shit the march was are the same who abide vanity projects of your own and emulate notoriously ineffective, indulgent behaviours. Becky is wack af “turning out” to snap pussy hat selfies underlain with Harry Potter quotes and naïve idealism founded in fact … Continue reading If The Revolution Comes Knocking


It’s A Net Thang Mayne

Concepts like democracy, #NetNeutrality, equality, etc. die in complacent societies. That is, if they ever truly existed. Because, I have to wonder how many peoples & products would’ve blown up if it weren’t for free access. Can we honestly say content is seen, shared, sold, & supported indiscriminately in the economy of free access? I … Continue reading It’s A Net Thang Mayne

When black men act like white men

Black men be like: Ok, I have a fantastic idea. Let's get rid of white supremacy. Like fuck eurocentrism beauty standards and social classes and white ways of living. Lets take over the plantation! So here's the plan- Women- Embrace your natural beauty. Unless you a dark skinned or nappy woman. You can't relax your … Continue reading When black men act like white men

Throwback Thursday, AKA Shit doesn’t change when you’re poor

"I would really love to know what it feels like to spend a day in a country where the government, law enforcement, and elected officials aren't actively trying to murder me. Between trigger happy cops, rapist cops, budget cuts, food pantries not having resources, shitty insurance and not qualifying for obamacare, the shit amount disability … Continue reading Throwback Thursday, AKA Shit doesn’t change when you’re poor